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Purpose of the E-waste Association

The E-Waste Association is a non-profit organisation which helps to coordinate responsible management of the entire electronic waste (e-waste) stream in a one-stop shop format nationwide (and beyond). It takes many different working partners to achieve a fully comprehensive e-waste management solution. Therefore the e-Waste Association is made up of independent business partners who are able and willing to work together in symbiotic working agreements to handle all parts of the e-waste stream in the most integrated and value added manner and according to the best technologies locally available while assuring safe data destruction at all times.

Our goals provide an integrated, comprehensive, environmentally and socially responsible solution for e-waste from each e-Waste Association partner concerned. EWROTA seeks to act as a one-stop-shop for pro-active and integrated e-waste management. Its members are guided by the following hierarchy of options, giving preference to the recovery of function of equipment where possible before optimising the recovery of materials for further downstream recycling and rework options.

Minimize waste

Reduce the amount of waste in our towns or something like that

Job creation

Create more opportunities for our people

Maximize resouce use

Make the utmost use of all available resources

Raise value

Add value to each step of the e-waste


Background of E-WROTA

E-Waste Recycling Industry Round-table is formed from companies that are already involved in e-waste management and others who are interested in entering the sector aimed at:

Providing a discussion platform

E-WROTA aims to provide a discussion platform for dialogue within the E-waste recycling industry. Furthermore, the it is a sector association interaction with other stakeholders like the governmental institutions or other companies in the value chain (e.g. international off-takers).

Interact with MDAs and MMDAs

E-WROTA aims to interact with MDAs and MMDAs responsible for the management of sound e-waste recycling in Ghana. Thereby E-WROTA is cementing the cooperation by connecting formal recycling companies with MDAs and MMDAs which play a crucial role in the design and implementation of sustainable E-Waste Recycling in Ghana.

Advocate for environmental policies and measures

The overarching objective of this association is to represent companies working in the formal recycling industry and advocate for environmental policies and measures that enhance formal recycling in Ghana. This is expected to strengthen their capacity for sustainable e-waste recycling in the future and ensure a safe treatment of e-waste in compliance with environmental frameworks.

Frequently asked questions

What is e-waste?

Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for refurbishment, reuse, resale, salvage recycling through material recovery, or disposal are also considered e-waste.

How do I recycle and dispose of electronic scrap?

Since electronic waste is subject to California’s hazardous waste regulations, it must be reused, recycled, or disposed of properly. Please do not put these items in the garbage or curbside recycling bins.

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